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One of the many plumbing services we provide is water heater service in Texas . Every home has a water heater. However, it can be easy to forget it’s there. Though it is quiet, this machine is responsible for constantly providing your home with hot water. It is important to make sure it is properly maintained.

If you are interested in purchasing a water heater, there are many options. The traditional tank heater is great for homes with larger families who will be consuming a lot of water. These tanks are able to constantly heat water without needing a recharge time. Getting a tankless heater is another popular option. These units will need to refresh depending on how much you use it, but they use very little energy. Also, they are small units. This means you get to save a lot of room in your garage.

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Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Even though it is easy to forget about, the hot water heater is an extremely important part of any home. This machine never shuts off and is responsible for constantly pumping out hot water for your home to use. It is important to take care of it by having routine maintenance and inspections done by professionals. This can help you extend the life of your tank.

Is your water heater is under 10 years old and you’re experiencing problems? If so, it may be too soon to replace the entire unit. Are you experiencing problems such as cold water or leaks? Call our number for a water heater repair. Plumbing Dallas TX Pro will dispatch a repairman to inspect your unit and find the problem. We will make sure your heater will be working like new again when we're done.

24/7 Troubleshooting and Emergency Service

Having trouble with your system and don’t know how to fix it? Call our friendly and knowledgeable representatives. Explain your issue to them. They can send out a plumber to perform an inspection and assist you in any water heater troubleshooting. Our plumbers have years of experience and will be able to quickly find and eliminate your problem.

Are you considering installing a tankless water heater in your home? This type of water heater is much smaller than a traditional tank heater. It will take up much less space in your home. It can also be placed nearly anywhere in your home. If you have a small household, tankless water heating is a great option.

Water Heater Brands

Rheem A.O.Smith Bradford White Rinnai Ecosmart Tankless GE GeoSpring Stiebel Eltron Bosch Takagi Kenmore American Standard Reliance

Professional installation & Replacement Service

Hot water heater installation can be a dangerous job for the average person. You are dealing with a heavy appliance as well as high temperatures. This means that the risk of injury is high. There have been numerous reports of consumers injuring and burning themselves trying to install their heater without professional help. Always be sure to have a professional take care of this for you.

Are you considering a water heater replacement? If your unit that is over 10 years old, it may be time to have it replaced. This is a job our team of plumbers can handle. Call us to set up an appointment to have your tank replaced. We can have your new heater installed in no time. After we have completed the job, we will get rid of your old one. Call us today in Texas.

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