Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

o Plumbing Spring Cleaning Checklist

Being Minnesotans, we all know how it's serious to spell the ‘spring’-the word even in late March or mid of April. But at some point, spring has to come, which means that we've to get ready for it. Thus, why wait? If it does not feel as spring now, there isn't any better time to start spring cleaning!

We will help you: once you think of “spring cleaning”, possibly the plumbing is not the initial thing you think of. But it must be! Making your plumbing system ready for spring is very great simply to prepare your house and yourself for it. Simple protective repair now will save you lots of money and time later. Here is your checklist for plumbing maintenance. Simply check out these boxes one by one, and once you finish your plumbing system will be ready for springtime when it comes.


o Clear all of the winter dirt out of the outside rain gutters, storm drains, and downspouts.

o Make sure that there is nothing (garbage or a bird’s nest, etc.) clogging up your chimney or ventilation pipes.

o Check outside tubes and taps for leaking or dripping, and make certain that they are working perfectly.

o Put the hose of the sump pump in its proper place, to ensure that it kicks out extra water miles away from the house’s basis.

o Make sure that the water drains away from your house, and not gather near your foundation or on your roof.

o Check out the submerged or overloaded places inside your yard.

Bathrooms (Repeat for each!)

o Run water inside your sink and observe the sink pipes while the water flowing to make certain that the pipe joints are not leaking.

o Turn off the water and check out the tap for just one or a couple of minutes to make certain that it's not leaking. Keep in mind that even a leaking tap will cost you lots of money and water.

o Fill up your sink with water, open the plug to let it drain. Keep looking to make certain that it is draining rapidly. When you think you have a block, snake or plunge the drain.

o Clean out and remove the p-trap of the sink drain. If you're changing the p-trap, make certain that it's attached properly. Make the water run for a min and make certain that the joint isn't leaking.

o Check out your toilet bowl and tank for leaks or cracks.

o Open up the toilet tank and flush it. Observe the system while it flushes to ensure that each part works appropriately. Make certain that the refill valve unit fills up the toilet tank and shuts perfectly right after the toilet flushes. Toilet tank must only take just 1 min to refill when it flush.

o In case you are anxious about toilet water leaks, put some food colors on the water inside your toilet tank. Do not flush your toilet for thirty min. In case the food dyes appeared the bowl water after 30 minutes, then the tank is leaking and you should change the flapper.

o Clear up your shower head by taking it away and putting it inside a vinegar bath for 1 hr. use an old tooth-brush to clean scale deposits off the aerator or nozzles, but if you changed the shower head, make certain it's not leaking.


o Check out the pipes under your sink for water leaks.

o Turn on your kitchen's hot water of your drain for 15 min to clear it.

o To make certain that your sink drain easily, fills it with water then let it drain all right away.

o Put ice inside the disposal followed with tap water to clear up the disposal razors.


o Make certain that your house’s sump pump is operating properly through pouring a gallon of water into its hole. Your sump pump must activate and remove the extra water out of its hole throughout the drain pipe. In case sump pump is not operating, have it expertly serviced right away.

o Flush and Drain the water heater to avoid sediment build-up and make sure that it keeps working efficiently. Also, you must check your water heater by professionals from time to time.

o Make sure that there aren't any hidden plumbing leaks through turning off the water and check the water meter’s leak sign for water movement.

If you have checked these boxes, so congrats: your plumbing and you are completely ready for the spring! But if you found any problem while you're checking these boxes, do not panic. We have your back!

Our plumbing pros are ready and will do no matter what to make certain that your plumbing will last to spring and more. Simply call us and we will start work.

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