Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Plumbing

Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Plumbing

Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Plumbing

Occasionally, plumbing troubles are complex. Fixing a broken sewage pipe is a processing that needs techniques such as water jets, camera techniques, and specifically designed molten material. Exciting as it might be to read about the complexities of sewage repair, it is probably not very useful. That is why we are now keeping it very simple.

The following are 6 things you must never ever do it to your plumbing when you want to stay away from any problems. Right now, we don't say that if you avoided these things properly, you'll definitely have problems. We are saying that if you did any of these, undoubtedly you'll have lots of problems. Cannot make it easier than this. When you do not want to cope with any plumbing blocks, then simply DO NOT…

Use liquid drain clean solution

We understand that it's not fair and it does not make any sense. The store got drain clean solution to aid with any plumbing blocks. That is the entire reason why it exists out there! The truth is, that the liquid cleaners you pour inside your drain are corrosive.

Certainly, they will clear any clog, but they will ruin almost everything, such as the metal of the pipe itself. The Drain cleaners able to twist the pipes or maybe lead to leaks, it doesn't worth it. Use a Bio Ben, a snake, or a plunge and you will be glad that you did.

Pour coffee grounds down your kitchen sink

It looks like that coffee grounds created for blocking pipes. They are gluey. Once they are wet, they become very thick and heap together. Any time they heap together, they become incredibly heavy. They keep an astonishing measure of water. In case they remain wet, they'll stay heavy, sticky, and heaped together.

Seems bad, does not it? Do not pour the coffee grounds in the sink. Really do not do it. Simply put them away instead. We do not like to see the little specks of the coffee grounds inside the drain. Use a clean cloth or a paper towel to collect all

stray grounds. It is discomfort, but if you do not handle grounds right now, the blockage they cause will be even worse.

Pour grease inside your kitchen sink

There is only one ingredient even worse for the sink of your kitchen than the coffee grounds, which is Grease. Besides getting grease stuck inside the pipes, it grabs anything else and makes them stick around! The stickier Grease gets the wetter it becomes, therefore once it is inside the drain, it will never go away.

While many other materials stuck to Grease, eventually they form a very disgusting clog. In case organic and natural materials like vegetables and fruit get jammed to the grease, they will start to get rotten. Therefore, the kitchen sink won’t only not drain, it also will stink. Find a different way to get rid of your food Grease. The pipes will thank-you!

Flush garbage down the toilet

Regrettably, toilets aren't magical. Any time you flush anything in the toilet, it won't disappear. Alternatively, it'll enter a series of pipes till it eventually gets lodged inside the sewer. In case you flushed anything and it gets stuck inside one of the pipes, then you've a serious problem.

Thus, what makes up “garbage”? Extra bad news. Nearly anything that is not clearly “for” toilet should not be flushed inside it. That definitely includes tissues, wipes and even those called “flushable", or any other kind of toiletries. Definitely, you should not flush coffee grounds or grease down the toilet. It's not that you'd ever think of doing. Right?

Use hot water while running the disposal.

Just pour cold water while you are running your disposal. Cold water will help the disposal to smash food successfully, but hot water does exactly the opposite. Food trash remains strike to your drain and your disposal blades once you use hot water.

Pouring hot water while your disposal working will make it less efficient and creates clogs. Shut down your disposal and just wait for 10 secs after stopping it and before turning on hot water.

Keep garbage bins under your sink.

Here is one that stumbles most of the people up. Is not “under your kitchen sink” precisely where everybody puts the garbage bin? It makes sense! Regrettably, although it makes sense, putting the garbage bin under the kitchen sink is very bad for the plumbing system.

The pipes under the kitchen sink, such as the p-trap and the disposal are very important. They must stay in a good shape so as your sink remain effective. If you are continuously pushing your garbage bin under your sink, you will damage the pipes. This seems very silly, but being silly will never stop anything at all from taking place and bother everyone.

As we said before, staying away from these problems isn't a guarantee that you will not have plumbing troubles. Often, you can do anything correctly, but end up with a block.

When this happens, fully understand that we'll have your back always. Simply call us and we will find out what's wrong and deal with it.

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