Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?

Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?

Drain cleaners are very toxic.  If you ever look on the back of the product you will notice at least 3 warning labels. These are not very good products to have laying around your house especially if you have kids or pets.  These toxic chemicals are also very bad for your pipes, causing them to deteriorate from the inside out.  If this happens your drain lines will need to be replaced.  There are enzymes and friendly bacteria products that will keep grease and sludge from building up inside of your pipes.

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other ways chemical drain cleaners can cause damage

1. They can cause harm to you.

Consumer reports labels chemical drain cleaners as among the most dangerous household products because they’re so toxic to humans and pets. Just by breathing them in, you could experience stinging and irritated eyes and throat.

But even worse, chemical cleaners can burn through human skin, leaving behind damage such as open sores and rashes. 

2. They’re harmful to the environment.

After you’ve used chemical drain cleaners, they end up in lakes, rivers and landfills and can poison animals and other wildlife.

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