How to Keep Your Sink Trap Clean?

How to Keep Your Sink Trap Clean?

Side note: if you have a clog, its recommend to not attempt to disassemble your Trap. Home enthusiasts who do this probably won't manage to reassemble it properly and will lead it to leak.

The ideal way to maintain the sink trap clear and clean is to get an expert plumber to check your plumbing yearly. Lots of plumbing firms offer yearly maintenance. Among yearly examinations, here are five things you're able to do easily on your own to make certain that your sink trap remains clear.

· Don’t throw anything inside the drain that may be a clog. Cooking oil, fats, and grease can create by the time serious issues

· Don’t use ready-made cleaning drain solutions because they are very dangerous to your environment and your pipes

· Raise your shower or sink stopper to check if there any debris inside the pipes. If there is anyone of your family has long hair you must check this regularly.

· Flow water in your pipes no less than once weekly, particularly in the parts of your home that you don't use often to avoid sewer smells or gases and to keep your drain clean.

· Use natural drain cleaning products such as Bio Ben regularly. Bio Ben’s natural bacteria has tiny hungry creatures that eat away all the gunk and dirt inside your drain. You're able to pour Bio Ben down your drain every week or month to get rid of the grease, oil, and fats. It will keep your system flowing freely without any blockages.

If you do not feel comfortable to deal with the sink trap on your own, give us a call and our plumbers will come to your house on time and will make certain that your drain is flowing and clean.

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